Lymington Players

‘The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew’

by Robert Bolt

Directed by Norma Hunter

Tuesday 7 – Saturday 11 February 2017

 This play, half fairy tale and half satire demonstrates the diversity of Robert Bolt’s imagination and dramatic ingenuity.  He is more famous for the play/film A Man for All Seasons, as well as other plays.  This is a great children’s story, but it seems to be that adults are no less enthusiastic in their addiction to knights and dragons as are children.

Sir Oblong Fitz Oblong, a highly unlikely knight errant, is sent by his duke to fight the black dragon with red eyes which inhabits Bolligrew Island. The island is ruled by the bold, bad, Baron Bolligrew and his henchman Squire Blackheart.  After making friends with Magpie and Badger, and defying the magician Moloch in a display of magic, he has an exciting confrontation with the dragon. What next?  Does he kill the dragon?  Does he succeed in converting Baron Bolligrew to a good as gold baron?  Watch this space.