Lymington Players

 ‘A Fish out of Water’

A Comedy by Derek Benfield

Directed by Amanda Harber and Paul Woodford

Monday 13 – Saturday 18 November 7.30 pm

Tickets on sale from Monday 23rd October

£9 Monday & Tuesday £10 Wednesday – Saturday

Order online from at

or telephone on 01590 672337

It’s everybody’s holiday nightmare come true. Strikes, long delays at the airport, no taxis and double booked rooms.
Fish out of water is a comedy set in a hotel room on the Italian Riviera. It brings together an ill assortment of guests and staff. Agatha an outspoken widow and her timid sister Fiona arrive and shatter the peace of all the other guests to play communal games – her desire for community invading the privacy of everyone. The people are all real people and what happens to them happens to us all
We have all met an Agatha somewhere.